My love and long distance partner

I am sorry that this isn't a postcard, but I felt you deserved something more than just an instant message, yet I wanted to give it to you immediately. After all, you are the woman I love and I have made a promise to give you everything you deserve.

Here's looking at you, kid

You know me well, and you also know that I rarely get emotional breakdowns. But although the last days with you were incredibly amazing, I also started to feel sad to prepare for you to leave. I love you with all of my heart Bailey, and I want to live every second I can with you.

To see you go at the airport is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Walking away from my love in tears, knowing that you felt the same way and that we both just wanted to give each other a big loving hug, will never feel natural. But now another journey begins, and I am looking much forward to spending the next year being in a long distance relationship with you - my little innocent purple love leaf.

I have been in tears almost since your plane took off. It feels so empty to be in our apartment without you, and your clothes and pillows bring back some truly fantastic memories. I am trying to kill the emptiness with friends and work, but every time I am left alone, I start missing you a ton.

There is nothing that can comfort me more, than knowing that you are with your family and very happy to finally be around them again. You haven't seen them in a long time, and I know that you are in very good and safe hands.

It seems unfair that we have to go through this difficult year, while other couples do not. But since I have never missed anyone as sudden as I now miss you, I know that this is it and that others can only dream of what we have together. We know each other so well, our strengths and qualities. We can cry, love and laugh together like no one - this is worth fighting for, and I know that we can go through every single challenge the relationship will give us, even though it is not going to be easy. You and me, we can do anything, together.

You are my upmost quality in life. Ever since we met I have fallen more and more in love with you, and in spite of it being seemingly impossible, my love to you keeps growing for every passing day.

I never thought meeting the one would come this year, and that we would bump into each other in Denmark against all odds. This chance is too good to let go of. My sweetie, thinking back on everything we have been through and experienced together, it seems as though we have already known each other a lifetime.

When I walk by young children playing around their moms, I look to my right and left for the funny comment about their absolute cuteness. It doesn't fire anymore, but I know that it will again someday. Through your eyes, I can see all colors of the world, and I see no reason that we shouldn't experience a lifetime full of purple-blue sunsets when this year has passed - we deserve nothing less.

While you will only be my long distance partner for a year, you will always remain my love and my soul mate. You're the most precious treasure, and I will hold on to you with the full strength of our love.

Honey, I love you from the bottom of my heart - it's yours to take care of.
You complete me.

As time goes by


From Rune, to the dearest and most beautiful, caring and loving woman